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A career in modelling can offer fantastic opportunities to travel the world, meet diverse & interesting people and generate a good income.

Before starting out, it's important to be aware that today modelling is a highly competitive industry where, however good you look, success can only be achieved with certain vital ingredients: dedication, a professional attitude, a good agent and a bit of luck.

At Impact Model's we have a formula for new faces which can mean facing some changes, not just your image but also your outlook. Having a strong sense of purpose, determination and enthusiasm is vital to a model's career, it can mean the difference between success and failure.

Being professional is a must. This means turning up on time, having a positive attitude and generally getting along with everyone at the shoot or casting. If you take all of this on board then your chances of making it as a model will increase enormously. Remember that the competition is fierce out there for work and standards today are higher than ever.

If we do accept you onto our books then don't forget the agency is here to give advice and guidance on all aspect's of our models careers. We will dedicate ourselves to your individual development as a model and ensure that you receive the nurturing you need and the very best in management.

To apply:

Children age 2-16 years old - Please note we only accept applications within a 25 mile radius of Liverpool-ie Manchester, Cheshire, North Wales, Yorkshire.

Parents or guardian please email or post at least 10 photographs of your child to include pictures of them smiling showing their teeth with NO make up on, to be unairbrushed and with NO face painting, hats or sunglasses or dummies. Please include their date of birth and where you are based to  PLEASE DO NOT RING TO CHASE YOUR CHILDS APPLICATION AS WE DO GET A LOT OF APPLICATIONS AND PHONE CALLS CAN SLOW DOWN THE PROCESS. WE AIM TO REPLY TO ALL APPLICATIONS WITHIN 30 DAYS BY EMAIL. If only a part application is emailed ie no date of birth or not enough photographs or the application does not include all of the information listed above it will automatically be deleted. 

Twins- Please email 5 photographs of each twin and then 5 photographs of them together so 15 in total.

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to make their own applications a parent or guardian MUST apply on your behalf. If we receive applications from a minor they will automatically be deleted. PAYMENT: There is a one off membership fee of £150 if your child is accepted onto the agencies books this includes licence applications to the local authority and a free photo shoot with 10 free digital edits and website placement.

If you are over 16 years old and have left school please follow the information below:

Girls must be over 5'7" Men over 5'11". Please forward at least 10 clear photographs of yourself including ones of you smiling showing your teeth, a head shot and a full length shot. The photograph's do not have to be professional shots. Also include your vital statistics and your contact telephone number and where you are based to



Become a model

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